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Reading and writing tutoring to help build confidence through learning and creativity

Our Approach to Tutoring

Reading Fluency and Comprehension

Using sight words, phonics, and learning games kids build a strong foundation in literacy

Integrated Literacy

Combining basics of reading and writing to expand comprehension by exploring the connection of words and thoughts

Writing Skills

Building on knowledge of letters to inspire writing sentences and stories based on life experiences

Creativity as a Learning Tool

Incorporating acting, drawing, and singing to enhance learning by adding context

Our learning studio in Dunwoody is full of fun, interactive learning activities!

Here's what parents say:

Sasha has been instrumental in helping our daughter improve her reading skills. When they spend time together in a tutoring session, we notice that she not only expands her vocabulary and progresses in her reading fundamentals, but is also more enthusiastic about her reading on her own. We are excited to continue our daughter's reading journey with Sasha!
Casey Smith
Parent of current student
Ms. Sasha has been an amazing teacher to have around my children. My daughter was in her class, and with her guidance was able to get into a top private school. My 5-year-old son is in her reading club. At the beginning of the year he wasn't able to read at all, and now he's reading Dr. Seuss books!
Jessica Rios
Parent of current & former students
Sasha is such a gem and is so easy to work with! She makes learning fun and has so many tricks to keep kiddos engaged. Sasha recognizes when it is most appropriate to push your student to stretch and when to back off and give them a break. In just a short amount of time, we saw a ton of improvement in both reading and writing for our kindergartner.
Ilana Dickman
Parent of tutoring student
Ms. Sasha did a great job of building a strong reading foundation for our 5 year old son.  She tailored the pace to his needs, while making sure to introduce new challenges with each session. By adding in some writing practice and worksheets, she helped reinforce a more holistic improvement in his comprehension, too. After just a couple of months of sessions, I could tell that he was much more confident in his abilities, and it really made a difference in getting him ready to make the leap to kindergarten!
Jason Holmes
Parent of tutoring student
I am always so impressed with how much they learn during their time with Ms. Sasha. My sons were barely able to write their names, and by the end of the year were writing full paragraphs and reading! Thank you Ms. Sasha for giving them the confidence they need to to start Elementary school strong!!
Lauren Ellen
Parent of two former students
Sasha is a wonderful and caring teacher. She really understands where the kids are at and gently guides them to achieve more. Both me and my child absolutely adored her!
Brittany Schwartzwald
Parent of a Kindergartner
My daughter loved working with Ms. Sasha! She has the gift of making learning fun, but she's also experienced to identify strengths in all of the children she works with. We engaged with Ms. Sasha in tutoring our rising 1st grader, and the growth we saw in our daughter, specifically in her reading skills, prepared her so well for 1st grade! We can't thank Ms. Sasha enough!
Amy Millard
Parent of former student
I view Ms. Sasha as one of the strongest educators my children have ever had. She was instrumental in forming their strong foundation and love of learning. She is patient, meets children where they are, and is able to communicate in an effective and loving manner. She really enjoys what she does and it shows every day!
Michelle Stevens
Parent of two students

Sasha Keefer, Owner and lead teacher

Sasha Keefer has over 25 years’ experience in early childhood education. Sasha has inspired many children through her interactive approach to learning reading and writing. Sasha has helped hundreds of students over the years to gain confidence with reading skills and fluency. Sasha treats each student as an individual with different talents despite where they are in reading. She believes that EVERY child can succeed when they feel confident about their progress. With an additional background in theatre and performing arts, she incorporates many fun interactive activities and engage students and make learning fun. She also created an after-school Drama program called “Stars on Stage Kids” where she incorporated her love of theatre and literacy.  Sasha created an after-school reading club which was very successful for many years. Many students achieved well-beyond expectations for proficiency at the kindergarten level. Although Ms. Sasha is Orton Gillingham trained, she uses various approaches and techniques to engage her students based on their individual needs. Sasha assesses each child to see the skills they may be struggling with and then creates a personal plan for each child.

Ms. Sasha’s resume includes:

  • BFA, University of Georgia | K-5 Certification Mercer University
  • International Preschool Midtown Atlanta – Kindergarten
  • Cross & Crown Day School – 2nd Grade
  • AJA (Greenfield Hebrew Academy) – 1st Grade
  • American International School/ Tel-Aviv, Israel – 1st Grade
  • Gwinnett County Schools – 2nd Grade (Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year 2004)
  • DeKalb County Schools – 2nd and 3rd Grade
  • AJCC Preschool
  • Orton Gillingham training
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Every child has the ability to succeed and can thrive with caring teaching in a nurturing environment. 

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